Our services.

- Gloss and color treatment 

With our proven systems we bring the gloss and color of your gelcoat or paint system back to new condition. or even even beter gloss up to 100% can be reaced. 

- Yacht cleaning

We clean the interior and/or exterior from mast to bilge

- Deep cleaning
With patented and proven cleaning and protection systems, your ship is cleaned from mast to bilge.

- Deck maintenance

Deck cleaning, teak deck maintenance, replacement and repair teak decks.

- Technical maintenance

Our technical team is ready for all common technical activities and challenges from engine maintenance to system maintenance and renewal

- Antifouling

Your ship will be treated with a high-quality antifouling system.

- Stainless steel treatment
Polish and protect metal parts with  patented Nano technology system that preserves shine.

- Interior treatment

Our interior construction is happy to help you repair or renew your interior or interior parts. Updating damage or completely painting your interior is also possible.

- Odor Treatment
If you suffer from foul odors, our odor treatment system offers a solution.

You can also contact us for high-quality yacht painting / spraying work.

- Yacht service
We also offer a full care package where you are completely unburdened. This package is put together in consultation. This can be from annual maintenance to bunker, sailing and management service.